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JW FINISHED & The Joshua Nathaniel Collection. These are full-service fashion lines that provide high-end apparel for both men and women with a wide range of sizes.  This brand concentrate on the fashion needs of the public.  We meet our clients just where they are. Many of the lines clients are typically eager in terms of their clothes and are willing to spend the finances that are needed to change their entire wardrobe. Through specialized training of the staff and innovative fashion systems, our brand is cutting edge in terms of fashion and ready to wear. The garments that are purchased are guaranteed so that you feel love and a new experience in every piece. Our mission is to provide top-level fashions. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.  Our services exceed the expectations of our customers. Fashion for the 21st Century; tailor for the 21st Century customers; because we collaborative combine fashion from vintage to ready-to-wear garments.



Professional Expertise:

Women & Menswear | Ready-to-Wear | Collaborative of Couture Arrangements | Wardrobe Styling | Event Planning & Marketing | Alterations | Fitting Specializations & Professional Tailoring | Runway Fashion Shows & Preparations | Fashion Consultations | Interior Specialist | Personal Shopper | Hair & Make-up Consultations | Fashion Fixtures | Adjustments and Making of Personal Accessories




Knowledge of:

Fashion Sketching, Pattern Making, Textile Design, Computer Generated Pattern Drafting, Couture Techniques, Draping, Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics for Apparel & Fashion Design, Garment Grading Construction, Fashion Manufacturing Appraisal, Fashion Special Topics, Fashion Business Marketing & Consumer Behavior



Industry Experience:

Fashion Wardrobe Stylist & Expert at Akira; June 2011- September 2012

Fashion Fit Specialist & Professional Tailor; Indochino Tailoring Company; August 2012

Fashion Expert; Trunk Club; February 2012-March 2013

JW Finished: December 2012-Current


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